Wait upon the reason for the season

“Any animal that exists, was in Noahs ark.

The Snail is one of those animals.

If God could wait long enough for snails to enter Noah’s Ark,

His door of grace won’t close till you reach your expected position in life. Never look down on yourself. Keep looking up….because broken crayons are still colours..”

Sometimes the light at the of the tunnel seems to keep receding and the last mile is just never the last mile. It becomes as if it were a game of the never ending last mile. What you want, what you crave, what you are searching for becomes a mirage… always more than an arms length away on the better days. But those are the days when your legs are so calloused that they won’t let you leap that arms length. The days when you are so drained all you can do is look. Arghhh, the folly of it all.

And somewhere out there, someone is singing, dancing to their hearts delight, shouting out loud how good life is. They seem to have stepped into their mirage. They have merged with the light and there’s no tunnel.

So God, please do not stop waiting for me, do not bloat out my mirage just yet. Please let this little snail called me reach it one day. Lord, where I am today, I could melt and roast in my own fat. And that tunnel, Oh Lord, you how at my size it’s really an impossibly tight squeeze.

But I believe that the camel went through the eye of the needle, only having to leave it’s load at the entryway. Teach me Oh Lord, how to travel this journey lighter. Help me to unbuckle my load, so I can travel this Lenten season with you.

To walk more closely with you Lord, is my Reason for this Season🙏🏿

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