Life is not fair but it is still fairer than death.

In our DNA, there seems to be a precondition that we be treated in a fair manner. No, not fair but rather that we be treated well. We feel entitled. Not because we dish out the same but simply just because!

Once in a while however, we come across a true gem of a human being. One who bends over backwards in the service of others. For no benefit at all except that gratifying feeling of having been useful. Of serving another. And we wonder what drives this kind of soul. Oftentimes we put it down to that life is so easy for that person that they really can’t behave differently. Until their reality crawls out of the woodwork. And the story of their struggle is revealed. Their brokenness is laid bare. You realize that not everyone pays back by the same unfair measure. At this point you brash them off as a square peg. It’s difficult to understand how one who has suffered so much, and probably continues to, can chose to be a sun-ray to so many. It doesn’t sit well.

Ahaaaa! Why I cannot be like them is because I need to have known sorrow to recognize joy. So because I have not gone through such trauma, I really cannot be expected or called upon to be so nice.

Why do we try so hard to interrogate why people are nice? Let’s live life as best we can. At the end of it all, “life is not fair, but it is still fairer than death.” all the unfairness, deep in there is the real purpose, the reason that justifies it all. Still seeking.

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