Count sheep if you must….

September is not yet here. So the status quo at State House remains. What is true character and humility? 
It might be your behavior when you are the First Lady and you stand in line at 5:45am for a polling station that shall open at 6:00am. You could well have demand that the queue be held back to accommodate your reception. But you did not. You waited fifteen minutes in the chill to opening time and a further four hrs before you could cast your vote. You were cold. You were rained on. You waited.  Yet you did not have to…

What I ask, breeds and  nurtures humility of this kind? Is it inborn or acquired? You tell me. 

I waited three and a half hours to vote…, only across the highway from the First Ladies polling station of St. Marys. By then the sun was warm and the drizzle long ended.  But I huffed and puffed and made snide comments about any irrelevant discomfort. 

If the humility exhibited by our First Lady is an acquired habit, I wish to stand in line to acquire it. May we all train our minds towards patience and banish this sense of entitlement that is just so ugly. Count sheep if you must…..

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