kill to eat..or eat to kill? 

As I waited on a queue, an unavoidable phenomenon of life, I inadvertently started watching television.
There was a hunt playing out. And some fights too. Actually several hunts.. wild dogs, impala, zebra, lions and hyenas. From the fights I observed that “like-animals” were fighting each other, lion to lion, buffalo to buffalo. Irrespective of who won, the winner did not make a meal of his species-mate. On winning the winner would just drop it while the injured loser either lay there helpless or hobbled away.. conceding defeat. It seems as if there was a very clear rule that the fight cannot end in making a meal out of the other animal. Wild animals are clearly purposeful to the end. Clear rules of engagement. What about us? 

Then there were the jackals and wild dogs looking for a meal. The hunt begins and on catching up with you, they make mincemeat of you and feed to their hearts delight. It is not a game or a fight. End game for the hunter is to eat, prognosis is death for the hunted. No confusion, no compromise. Scavengers then come to clear the dinner table. 

Do we sometimes forget the purpose behind our actions and end up killing when all we started off with is a fight? Do we so easily lose focus, reason, purpose? Have we lost our true north? And as if this were not enough, in our kitchens we now cook that which is not yet dead. On our dinner plates we now serve that which might not yet be dead.  How excruciatingly painful this must be. It is as if we are only driven by the need to device a way of causing greater pain. 

So I wonder, who is who here? Is it wild animals and human beings anymore or have the cards flipped…, humane animals and wild human beings. When did we lose the script? 

Do we comprehend that in a few weeks time Kenya is facing an election, not a fight or a hunt…. 

Lets seek and keep to the true north! 

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