….cremation..thoughts from the heart.

A dear friend asked me whether I had ever attended a cremation and what I felt about the idea. 
Cremation has always been a matter I don’t well understand how to embrace given my faith and it’s attendant rites and rituals. 
The ceremony is straightforward enough and it’s a fairly clean set-up.
It’s the Biblical and faith part where the challenge lies for me. How should we interpret “….dust to dust..”?

Ages ago we left dead bodies or the seriously ill in the wild if death seemed to be staring them in the face. In that case wild animals made a meal of them and whatever wasn’t eaten decomposed into the soil (to dust).
Then along came burial (to dust again).

These two concepts are easily about committing “…dust to dust”. 

Then there’s cremation, where by mans action we attempt to pulverize the body completely😏. Yes, ash remains. But who commissioned us to this task of changing the original form of the body? 
In the other two, man walks away and lets nature take its course on the body either above ground or under ground. But in the 3rd scenario man takes it upon himself to completely finish the physical body which we are told is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, created through man and woman being given the honor of being co-creators with God. I have concerns about actively destroying that which I cannot create on my own without God’s intervention 😔. If you lend me something I feel obliged to return it to you in a form as close to the original as possible, short of replacing the item with a new one if the original one looks worn. 
Remember how the abortion debate morphed over time especially with the push and pull about when life begins? For a long time life was believed to start at the physical birth. Now we know better. 
Who tells us that today we really know when life really ends🤔? 

Maybe that ‘dead body’ should be allowed to ebb away into wherever without being burned to ashes. Maybe there’s a whole new different “womb” setup after death as we know it….

Thoughts from my heart…………

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