“Writing for understanding”

To communicate effectively, in any language, even just one, to speak it correctly, should be one of the fruits of an education. In Kenya the English language is taught right from from Kindergarten to University. English is our language of instruction. Newspapers in years gone by were used as a language teaching tool. Today, newspapers “lose you” your grammar!

Why don’t we have a newspaper editing competition on fb where we post errors spotted in our newspapers.? 

And in the same breath propose that schools should desist from availing newspapers in libraries. Let us discourage reading of newspapers by students until the written word in newspapers improves, unless it is as an exercise to spot the errors! 

I do not seek countrywide language perfection, but there has to be a minimum below which we cannot let the standard fall. 

     My reaction to Today’s Daily Nation. (10.09.2016)

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