Uasin Boit…a plea from home.

To rearrange the letters of your first name, or to spell it  incorrectly does not change who you are and where you are from! Uasin, your roots are in Uasin Gishu! 

To forget to dot your “i” does not make you stop being our Boit! Doesn’t matter if the” i” grows up into an “L”. Please note that your are no longer an “L” plate holder so drop the ” L”,  you are no longer a “Learner”now you are a professional so return the dotted “i”.

Even if you have to bring him back screaming and shouting, our DP, please repatriate our son back to Uasin Gichu. His gourd of mursik awaits him. 

Even Kogelo got their son back! 


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